Doing Your Bridal Makeup Toronto: Tips & Tricks

Most brides usually hire a makeup specialist to do their bridal makeup toronto. But what if you’re unable to do this? If there’s some reason that you can’t hire a makeup specialist, you should have a backup. For those who aren’t makeup experts, you’ll want to know some really quick tips and tricks to help you out. It’s always best if you can get a relative or a friend to help you with your makeup, but even then you should be able to know enough to check their work. So, what do you need to know? Let’s go over several makeup pointers so you can look great for your wedding day.

Opposites Don’t Attract, They Cancel!

Every girl is beautiful. Just because you have zits and other blemishes that doesn't mean it makes you look ugly! However, it's nice to have makeup to hide those small, irritating spots. But what's the best way to do that? You've probably heard the saying 'opposites attract.' You can remember that this is true where makeup is concerned, but it isn't true with colors. Opposite colors cancel each other out. So if you have a lot of 'red spots', you'll want to cancel out that color with some green-pigmented concealer. Or maybe you have blue bags around your eyes. This can be hidden with some orange-ish concealer. Colors matter where concealer is concerned. Don't look muddy for your wedding day!

An Artist is only as good as Her Brushes

Don’t be afraid to spend some money on your tools. You want high-quality brushes, and you want a variety of them. You can greatly improve your performance even without making your technique any better if you have good brushes. Make sure that either you have really high quality brushes, or the person who is doing your makeup has great brushes.

The Eyes Count

Don't skip or brush over your eyes when applying your makeup. If you would like some definition, you can use a bronzer. Apply this light bronzer to your eye crease. Your 'eye crease' is located between your eyebrow and your lash line. Another color tip: For those girls with blue eyes, you can use an orange-ish bronzer. This will really make your eyes 'pop' and look even bluer.

Changing Shape

Do you have a really round face? Would you like to add definition or a more oval shaped face? This can be accomplished with makeup as well. How? It's all about the shadows and the light. You can apply bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks, your temples, and even your forehead to create a completely different face shape. You can even make your forehead less prominent and your nose smaller and thinner with this technique. It's about shading and where to shade. You can find more information about shading on almost any makeup website if you'd like to find out more.

The Perfect Bridal Makeup Toronto

Perfection is a high standard. But with these tips, you can hopefully get close! Enjoy how you look and feel as you walk down the aisle. You'll be more confident and overall more beautiful after reading and applying these tips.