Bridal Makeup Toronto: Dos and Don’ts

What are some dos and don’ts when using bridal makeup toronto? There are more than you’d think. Let’s go over six dos don’ts that aren’t commonly thought of that you should know for your wedding. Your appearance is important for your wedding, and your makeup is important for your appearance. So don’t click away – read through these interesting dos and don’ts.

Do Use Waterproof Mascara – Not many brides think that they’ll need waterproof mascara for their wedding. But a wedding is an emotional time. Most brides – and grooms – grow teary eyed as they gaze into each other’s faces. It’s hard to keep the emotions handled. Tears don’t have to ruin your appearance – they can just add to your bridal beauty, if you’re using waterproof mascara. Otherwise, you’ll have black streaks across your face. Not something you want!

Don’t Put on Too Much or Too Different Makeup – Don’t use excessive makeup. Don’t cake on foundation or powder. And don’t us unnatural or metallic colors. Stay as natural as you possibly can. Don’t use colored eye contacts or wear a bright, red lipstick. Stick with the timeless look. Let the groom look at the woman who is going to be his wife, not the face of a complete stranger.

Do Use a Makeup Specialist – Make sure you have one of these around! A good makeup specialist will do your makeup perfectly, and you won’t have to worry about most of these don’ts. Set aside time and money so that you can hire a makeup expert. You’ll be glad you did, especially on the day of the wedding. A lot of time and hassle is saved with a good makeup specialist.

Don’t Experiment – The last thing you want is an allergic reaction before your wedding. Don’t experiment with products you haven’t tried before during the wedding. You could end up with a bad rash or an awful makeup accident. Try out new makeup products before the wedding, and make sure to do your research on the makeup as well.

Do Spend Time Blending Your Makeup – If you don’t normally spend that much effort blending your makeup, now is the time to do it. Although it’s not that noticeable, the cameras will pick it up. You don’t want to have relatives cooing over pictures with you and your unblended makeup!

Don’t Forget Your Eyebrows – Your poor neglected eyebrows. They need to have special attention paid to them. You don’t have to completely pluck or shave your eyebrows away, but consider reshaping them or define them. And, also, if you’re going to define your eyebrows, make sure that you use a pencil or a powder that has the same color as your hair. This will help you stay with a natural look. Besides, it just doesn’t look very nice to have un-matching hair and eyebrows.

Make sure to do the dos and avoid the don’ts for a great wedding. And always remember that this is your special day. Be confident and enjoy your wedding with great bridal makeup toronto.