Three Common Wedding Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

Brides often make several dire mistakes concerning their wedding. You don’t want to make these three mistakes. They might not ruin your wedding, but they’re going to be things that will make you look back and regret. Don’t regret anything you did on your wedding day! Your wedding should be a day of happiness. It’s probably too much to ask for it to be a day of peace, as well; but there are many things you can do to help with that! Don’t do any of the following and you’ll do great.

Too much makeup
– Unfortunately, many brides will wear too much makeup for their wedding. It’s not usually their fault, it’s often the rush and the stress, but you really don’t want to wear any more makeup than you have to on your wedding day. If in doubt, leave it out. Put on light makeup, or put on discreet makeup. Freshen up, don’t cover up. Let your husband-to-be see your face as a beautiful version of what he’s always seen. Don’t show him a completely different person. You want your wedding to reflect your marriage – a beautiful extension of the two of you. He wants to marry you, not your makeup. Keep that in mind as you prepare for your wedding.

Not hiring a makeup artist toronto– Brides can’t be expected to do it all. Don’t overextend yourself on your wedding day. You have plenty to plan for and plenty to do. You have women to help you with your dress and your veil, but what about your makeup? Hire a makeup artist toronto. It’s too much for the bride to take care of her makeup along with everything else! Not only will your makeup be more professionally done, but you’ll be able to really relax. Makeup is not something you want to throw on top of all the other tasks you’ll need to complete.

Not planning your makeup – Makeup isn’t something you want to leave until last second. Plan out how you want your makeup to look and how you want it to make you look. Plan your blush, eyeliner, eye shadow, foundation, everything. It’s best to make the plans with your makeup specialist if you have one. Ask him or her for advise, or take a look at his/her previous works. In fact, I would recommend even having a trial makeup session. You can see firsthand how you’ll appear, try out different looks, and also prepare yourself for dealing with your makeup expert. If it’s your first time hiring a makeup specialist, then it’s great to have a trial session so you can really understand the person you’re working with.

Don’t commit any of these three mistakes. Your wedding will be a much happier event, trust me. Wear light makeup, hire a great makeup specialist, and plan out what you’re going to wear. You’ll have more time, less last minute problems to deal with (you’ll have plenty of those, don’t worry), and you’ll be a lot more confident as you walk down the aisle.