The Dos and Don’ts of Creating Your Bridal ‘Look’

Like it or not, your wedding will be one of the most memorable days of your life, so it can be very stressful planning out all the details. On top of the dress, the wedding party, the table arrangements, and everything else, the bride’s makeup is one of the most important things. The bride’s face is one of the two centers of attention at the wedding, and it’s imperative that the bride is happy with her makeup, the day of, and years down the line. Fortunately, makeup and wedding experts have some helpful dos and don’ts for a blushing bride.

Look like yourself

You want to bump up the intensity of your makeup a little, to avoid being washed out by the camera flashes and the lighting, but you want to look in the mirror, and back at your wedding pictures and see you at your most beautiful. If you normally wear little makeup, go for a subtle look, but if you normally wear intense makeup, look intense at your wedding.

Have a trial run

You want to minimize surprises on your wedding day. If you’re hiring an artist you want to give the artist a trial to get acquainted with your face. Take a lot of pictures, and ask for friends’ and family’s opinions on it. This also gives you the opportunity to scrap your plan if you don’t like it and try new ideas.

Go for it

At the end of the day, you’re hoping this is your last wedding. Then go for it. If you have an idea, do it. Plan it well and test it out. But go for it. Even if it ends up looking sub-perfect, years from now you’ll look back and be glad you went for it.

Don’t reinvent yourself completely

Everyone has a natural beauty and style that the right makeup can bring out. You want to look back at your pictures and think, “Man, I was beautiful that day,” not “Man, that makeup looks good.”

Don’t try crazy things on the day of the wedding

The last thing you want to find out on the day of the wedding is that you are allergic to a certain brand of foundation. Feel free to follow your heart, but changing your plan drastically on the wedding day can throw off your whole momentum.

Don’t follow fads or trends

While on the day of your wedding, you may think it’s the greatest idea; you probably don’t want your wedding pictures to seem heavily dated when you look at them in the future. You don’t want to have to say, “Yeah, it was 2012.” You want to be able to be proud of your makeup decisions years into the future.

Remember that you are beautiful. If your trial runs aren’t going great, clear off the drawing board, and try something new. Take this chance to be the most beautiful you can be.