Pucker Up: Perfect Lips On Your Wedding Day

The big day has finally arrived, you are about to get married and you want to make sure you look flawless. Though you have done your makeup countless times, today is the day when you truly do need to look your best. You are about to start the new life with your husband, and the most important part of your wedding makeup is going to be your lipstick because it has to be just right for when you two share your very first kiss as husband and wife. Here are some tips for those perfect lips on your wedding day.

Blotting your lips: You may put on one last coat of lipstick before you walk down the aisle. Be sure you have a tissue handy to blot your lips with. You don’t want there to be too much lipstick on your lips because it can end up on your teeth at the worst possible moment.

Pigmented lipstick should be used as little as possible: These lipsticks are great because they can provide color for quite a while, but the problem is that they can also stain your lips. You will be eating and drinking later on all during the reception, and the last thing you want is to have lips that looked chapped or raw because the pigmentation has stained them with color even after the lipstick itself is gone.

You may need some lip balm: You have chosen a long lasting lipstick to wear, and although they are great at keeping the color, the problem can be that they can also make your lips look a little dry. A quickly application of lip balm can keep you from getting that dry look, and your lips still look beautiful.

Be aware of how much you are using of either lipstick or lip gloss: There is no doubt you will be refreshing your makeup throughout the course of the evening, including whatever is on your lips. Whether you are using lipstick or gloss, just be sure you are not using too much. You are going to be getting up close and personal with your husband and other guests, and you do not want to end up getting smears of product either all over your face or theirs.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life; you have spent hours on your makeup including your lips. Your lipstick has to look perfect because you are going to share a first kiss with your husband in front of everyone. You don’t want your lips to look too dry or have too much on them so just be sure you blot a little, keep a tube of lip balm handy, and your lips will look their best for your big day!