Building your Emergency Wedding day makeup kit

On her wedding day is the one time when a girl is very much the main player. She is very definitely the centre of attention and all eyes are on her. It is therefore of paramount importance that she looks and feels her best the whole day. You only get one shot at the wedding photos and you want to ensure that you can look back at them with pride. You have to have an emergency wedding day makeup kit to take care of any “malfunctions” that should happen.


A tissue can be useful at most times for fixing makeup, but on your wedding day you need to have something that is more laser focused to correct any blemishes. A Qtip is made from very soft cotton and is very absorbent, making it the perfect tool for small corrections in your makeup without spoiling the overall effect.

Blot Paper

With so much going on and the additional stress of the whole wedding day, perspiration is inevitable. If you have a good quality blot paper in your emergency wedding day makeup kit, this need not be a problem. The blot paper is powder free and can be gently dabbed around the relevant areas to ensure that your make stays intact.

Extra lipstick

You have probably spent a great deal of time in choosing the correct shade and brand of lipstick for your big day. But what if you lose or break it? Extra lipstick in your emergency wedding day makeup kit will give you peace of mind and enable you to apply as much as you need throughout the day.

Eyelash glue

I am sure that your false eyelashes look sensational. But remember that they only look that way as long as they stay on your eyelids. Having spare eyelash glue in your kit will again give you peace of mind and be one less thing for you to worry about.

Moisture spray

Your makeup has taken a long time to be applied and looks great when first done, so you want to ensure that it stays this way. Your face will be subjected to the elements and potentially strong light when the photos are being taken. Your skin can become taut and dry and in need of some moisturising. By having something like Fix+ from MAC in your emergency wedding day makeup kit, this need not be a problem. One quick spray leaves your face feeling refreshed and ensures that your skin continues to glow.